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By booking Dr. Gabriel Allen Powell, your organization and staff must follow the below terms and conditions:

  • Recording: All requests for audio/video recordings, for any other purpose than archival, unfortunately must be denied, as the music and teachings are now the shared intellectual properties of Dr. Gabriel Allen Powell and his company. Dr. Gabe's staff must be given a copy of all recordings, before leaving any event.


  • Marketing: Dr. Gabe’s image, likeness, and name may only be used in advertising , promotion, or in print etc., only after the deposit for your event has been received in full. At that time, press photos and bio will be provided by the staff. No other photos or information may be used. Please do not obtain photos from the Internet or other sources.

  • Social Media: You agree that all photos, flyers, videos, or any additional marketing items should not be posted to social media without the approval of Dr. Gabe’s staff.

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