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Media Release Form

As a guest of Bandwidth Podcast I agree to the following:

  • I authorize Bandwidth and associated staff to take pictures, record audio, and capture video footage for the production of the podcast.

  • I authorize Bandwidth and associated staff to use my photos, videos, and audio recordings in print or digital materials. This includes, but is not limited to, all social media platforms, all podcast apps and sites, etc.

  • I waive the right to review or approve any captured photos, audio, or video.

  • I authorize Bandwidth to edit, alter, copy, or distribute photos, audio, and video for the purposes of advertising and marketing. 

  • I agree that all photos, audio recordings, and video footage are the sole property and ownership of Bandwidth Podcast.

  • I understand that I will NOT receive, and not entitled to, any monetary compensation for the use of my photos, audio recordings, or video footage. 

  • I fully release Bandwidth Podcast from any claims, liabilities, and obligations in regard to obtaining or using materials related to the Podcast.

Thanks for submitting!

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